Old Dominion and Megan Moroney

Old Dominion and Megan Moroney Team Together for New Single ‘Can’t Break Up Now’

Old Dominion has given us another sneak peek of their upcoming album Memory Lane with the release of the song “Can’t Break Up Now,” where they team up with Megan Moroney.

The song dives into the complexities of a romantic relationship, as the country stars go back and forth, realizing that they might be too deeply involved to call it quits.

The song sheds light on the idea that some couples might find it simpler to stay together despite not being happy anymore together. This way, they avoid the challenges of starting over with someone else.

Old Dominion said earlier this week that they wrote the song “about being on the brink of a breakup,” and Moroney turned it “into what feels like a scene from a movie.”

“Megan’s a really intuitive singer, but she’s also a very smart songwriter. The way she came in and put her stamp on ‘Can’t Break Up Now’ blew our minds,” Old Dominion captioned a video clip following the song release on Friday.

The heartache ballad appears on the track list of Old Dominion’s forthcoming 18-track album, Memory Lane, set to release this fall. The full-length project is named after the band’s EP and single that released earlier this year.