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Old Dominion’s New Album to Feature Blake Shelton and Megan Moroney

Completing their most recent chart-topper “Memory Lane,” Old Dominion is wrapping up with the exciting reveal of their upcoming full-length album which includes a couple of exciting collaborations.

Set to release on October 6th, the album comprises of 18 songs, highlighting the popular lead single along with additional tracks sourced from their earlier eight-song EP titled “Memory Lane.”

The band revealed that fellow country star Blake Shelton will make an exciting guest appearance on the upbeat and lighthearted closing track of the album, titled “Ain’t Got a Worry.” According to Matthew Ramsey, the lead singer of Old Dominion, Shelton personally chose this particular song from a selection they had shared with him. This collaboration came to be after both artists had been discussing the possibility of working on a song together.

“We always knew this was going to be a full album,” says Ramsey. “But we wanted to give our fans the opportunity to absorb it completely. Over the years, we’ve developed a conversation with fans, bad days, big moments, I’d like to think our songs make both better. We wanted to make an album that takes our songs and looks a little deeper into what happens between two people. Just because it’s deep, though, it doesn’t mean the music can’t feel good.”

Within the project, there is also a collaboration featuring the group and Megan Moroney on the track titled “Can’t Break Up Now.”

“Megan’s a really intuitive singer, but she’s also a very smart songwriter–and she came at this song from what was being said, how the melody rises and kind of blew our minds,” Ramsey admitted. “I think we all loved the way she creates a song, her sense of how notes flow, but she’s both songwriter/singer who came in and pushed this song to almost a scene from a movie.”

Memory Lane will be available on Oct. 6.

Old Dominion’s Memory Lane Album Tracklist:

1. “Stay Drunk”
2. “A Million Things”
3. “Memory Lane”
4. “Different About You”
5. “Can’t Break Up Now” (with Megan Moroney)
6. “I Should Have Married You”
7. “Both Sides of the Bed”
8. “How Good Is That”
9. “Some Horses”
10. “Easy To Miss”
11. “Sleep Without Drinking”
12. “Beautiful Sky”
13. “Love Drunk and Happy”
14. “Aint Got A Worry”
15. “Easier Said With Rum”
16. “Hot Again”
17. “Freedom Like You”
18. “Ain’t Got A Worry” (with Blake Shelton)