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Reba McEntire Speaks Out on Rumors About Alleged Gwen Stefani Feud: “At First I Thought She Was Being Mean to Me”

Reba McEntire has put an end to the Gwen Stefani feud rumors.

In an interview with Extra TV, she took the opportunity to set the record straight about the alleged backstage tensions between them on The Voice.

When asked about the judge she perceives as her most significant competition, Reba offers valuable insights into the potential competitive dynamics on the show.

“Well, Niall sits to my right, so we’re always kind of sparing,” Reba tells the interviewer.

“Gwen and I have such a great time…at first she was so intimidating and I thought she was being mean to me,” she admits. “And then she said “I just want you to like me,” and I said “well that’s all you had to say,” and now we’re best friends.”

And there you have it! The supposed feud between Reba and Gwen has been officially debunked, straight from Reba herself! It’s all just friendly competition and good-natured fun on The Voice!

Season 24 of The Voice is in full swing, and as the blind auditions heat up, the friendly competition among the coaches is more intense than ever. Last season, Niall Horan joined the coaching crew and grabbed his first victory with team member Gina Miles.

Returning to the iconic red chairs are the talented and charismatic duo of John Legend and Gwen Stefani, both of whom made their mark in Season 22. And, of course, Reba McEntire is stepping into her new role as a full-time coach, making her much-anticipated debut this season. This promises yet another season brimming with exceptional talent and captivating performances, sprinkled with the delightful judge antics that fans adore.