Lindsay Ell at the Grand Ole Opry
Facebook/Lindsay Ell

Remember When Lindsay Ell Made Her Grand Ole Opry Debut?

Lindsay Ell is best known as a standout country music artist who dazzles with her remarkable guitar-playing skills. Her talent and dedication since a very young age has proven to create a successful career, even landing her a chance to perform on the Grand Ole Opry stage multiple times.

At just 25 years old, Lindsay made her debut at the Opry on April 15, 2014, captivating the audience with her acclaimed debut single “Trippin’ On Us.” During her performance, Lindsay showcased her musical abilities by skillfully presenting three songs, exhibiting her mastery on both electric and acoustic guitar in front of a sold-out crowd.

Accompanying her debut single and adored fan-favorite track “Don’t Take Me Home,” Lindsay also wowed the Opry audience with a captivating sixty-second acoustic interlude, skillfully using picking and tapping techniques to play her song “Not Another You.”

In November 2022, Lindsay achieved a significant milestone in her country music career by marking her 50th performance on the iconic Opry stage, cementing her legacy as a country artist.

Now, Lindsay Ell takes the spotlight every week as the host of Canada’s highly popular show, Canada‚Äôs Got Talent, which is Citytv’s most-watched original series in over ten years.

However, she hasn’t drifted away from her music career. Lindsay recently released her first new single of 2023 titled “Sweet Spot,” propelling her into the next phase of her musical journey. “Sweet Spot” serves as a cheerful reminder that life’s ups and downs inevitably guide each individual to their perfect destination. To celebrate and spread this message, Lindsay will return to the Opry stage on Friday, August 11.

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