Buffalo selfie in yellowstone park

Woman Faces Backlash for Endangering Self and Bison For a Selfie at Yellowstone

A woman’s video is sparking controversy on social media after she was observed getting close to a wild bison in Yellowstone for a selfie, putting both herself and the bison at risk. Eyewitnesses at the park mentioned that she was warned multiple times against nearing the animal for a photo, but she proceeded regardless. Experts have pointed out that she was at risk of being gored, and in such an event, the innocent bison might have had to be put down.

ABC7 News reported that the National Park Service issued a statement reminding the public that park rules mandate visitors to maintain a minimum distance of 25 yards (23 m) from all wildlife, including bison, elk, and deer, and a distance of 100 yards (91 m) from bears and wolves. Ignoring these rules can lead to penalties, injuries, or even fatal consequences.

Safety First: The Lessons

Snapping a selfie with magnificent creatures like bison might seem tempting but is fraught with dangers. Given their imposing size and strength, bison can turn aggressive if they perceive a threat. Encroaching upon their space may elicit defensive, and sometimes, violent reactions.

Sanctuaries such as Yellowstone National Park have established safety protocols to shield both the park’s wildlife and its patrons. Keeping a distance from these wild beings is not just advisable, but often mandatory to avoid disruptions and danger.

Our Role In Their Realm

Observing the rules is pivotal to ensure the sanctuary of both visitors and the majestic creatures that call these parks home. Park personnel constantly stress the importance of respecting boundaries, opting for zoom lenses for close-up shots, and understanding the animals’ natural behaviors.

In situations where such boundaries are crossed, park management doesn’t hesitate to enlighten visitors about potential hazards and the aftermath of their choices. Some might even face penalties for ignoring park rules.