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Tennessee Woman Sets Record For World’s Longest Mullet: Meet Tami Manis And Her 5′ 8″ Mullet

Meet Tami Manis, a 58-year-old woman from Knoxville, Tennessee, who’s now the proud owner of the world’s longest mullet for a female. A story that began with a simple fascination towards a rock band’s music video has become a tale of an untrimmed hair journey spanning over three decades. Her hair, measuring a staggering 5ft 8in (172.72cm), is nearly as tall as an average man!

The Mullet: A Blend of Business and Party

A mullet, for the uninitiated, is a unique hairstyle, often described as “business in the front and a party in the back.” It boasts a short cut at the front, top, and sides, with the back flaunting a significantly greater length. This style was a rage during the ’80s and ’90s, with celebrities like Billy Ray Cyrus, Mario Lopez, and Patrick Swayze endorsing it.

The Inspiration: ‘Til Tuesday’s Music Video

Manis’s journey of growing her hair began four decades ago when she was captivated by the rattail hairstyle of a girl featured in American rock band ‘Til Tuesday’s music video for the song “Voices Carry”. She was so enamored by the look that she decided to sport a similar style.

The Journey Begins: A Regret and a Resolve

Her first attempt at sporting a mullet ended in November 1989 when she decided to cut it off. But the remorse was immediate. By February the following year, she had begun her journey to grow it back again. Since then, her hair has seen no scissors.

The Secret to Length: Genes and Argan Oil

When asked about her secret to maintaining such length, Manis credits her good genes and the use of a conditioner enriched with Argan oil. It’s no small feat to manage a mane that’s longer than one’s height, but she has found her way around it. She often keeps it braided for easy management.
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The Challenges: Managing the Length

Maintaining a mullet of this length comes with its set of challenges. Often, she has to braid her hair to keep it manageable. A friend helps her with the braiding once a week, and it remains the same until she washes it again. She prefers drying her hair with paper towels as it otherwise remains wet for a considerable time.

The Competitions: A Step Towards Recognition

Before bagging the world record, Manis had competed in the 2022 US Mullet Championships, where she secured the second position in the “Femullet” division. The experience encouraged her to aim for the Guinness World Record.

The Guinness World Record: An Official Achievement

After a lengthy process, which included filming her hair to exhibit its length, Manis was informed about her official record through a package delivered at her doorstep. The moment of unboxing was one of amazement, pride, and overwhelming joy.

The Future: A Journey to Continue

Manis’s hairstyle is set to be featured in the 2024 Guinness World Records book. But the journey doesn’t stop here. With no plans to trim her hair anytime soon, the world can expect to see more of her and her impressive mullet in the coming years.

Tami Manis’s story is one of passion and persistence. It’s an inspiration for everyone to follow their unique style, no matter how unconventional it may be. After all, who knows when a simple fascination can turn into a world record!