The Secret Behind Riders In The Sky’s Fashion [Circle Exclusive]

Riders In The Sky have been a stand out group in the music industry for over 40 years. What sets them apart is not only their remarkable fusion of cowboy music, humor, and storytelling, but also their distinctive fashion sense.

The group is anything but dull when it comes to their onstage appearances. All four members sport unique western wear with incredible detailing— and they aren’t afraid of sequins either!

During their conversation with Circle, Riders In The Sky discussed the sources of inspiration behind their iconic appearance. Ranger Doug specifically mentioned Gene Autry, Roy Rodgers, Sons of the Pioneers, and other legendary cowboys from the silver screen as their fashion muse.

Reflecting on his favorite outfits, Ranger Doug expressed his admiration for the shirts gifted to him by Ken Curtis.

“I use to have a couple of shirts that Ken Curtis gave me that I use to love to wear,” Ranger Doug told Circle.

The fact that they were given to him by such a honorable western legend made them even more special to own.

“We all have closets full,” Too Slim said, “When I go in my closet I have to wear sunglasses,” he joked.

Undoubtedly, Riders In The Sky have played an important role in preserving the essence of the western world for generations to come. Their iconic performances have created a timeless “cowboy way” deep within the country music industry, ensuring their legacy.

Experience the legendary group’s captivating performances firsthand at the Grand Ole Opry, where Riders In The Sky grace the Opry stage multiple times each month. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness their one of a kind performances!