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Thomas Rhett Shares Songs He Wishes Would’ve Been Singles in Celebration of Upcoming ’20 Number Ones’ Vinyl

Thomas Rhett is getting ready to drop his ’20 Number Ones’ vinyl, which will be a fantastic celebration of his chart-topping hits over the years! In the lead-up to the big release, Rhett is treating us to some acoustic jams on Instagram, giving us a taste of songs he wished would’ve been singles. We have no doubt these also would’ve gone #1 given the opportunity! While we eagerly count down the days until the vinyl debuts on September 29th, let’s take a peek at the awesome throwback performances he’s shared with us so far.

“Ya Heard”

In the 2020 song “Ya Heard,” Rhett delves into aspects of his life that have meant the most to him, such as his marriage to Lauren Akins, his journey in country music, and parenthood. This emotional track also addresses the couple’s infertility struggles, the adoption of daughter Willa Gray, and the unexpected joy of finding out they were pregnant with their second child, Ada James.


The 2019 track, “Notice” is a song that hits you with a profound message about relationships.
The song is all about those times when you suddenly realize you haven’t been giving your partner the attention they deserve. It’s a song that reminds us to appreciate the little things about our loved ones.


In his 2017 tune “Sweetheart,” Rhett doesn’t hold back in sharing just how much he loves his wife, Lauren. It’s like an open book of love, where every note and lyric is a heartfelt testament to the depth of his feelings. This song is a beautiful ode to their love, and it’s impossible not to be moved by the emotional connection it conveys.

“Learned It From The Radio”

In “Learned It From The Radio,” released in 2015, Rhett takes us on a trip down memory lane and talks about all the important lessons he picked up from country songs blasting through his radio as a kid. This includes things like the value of working hard and figuring out relationships. It’s a reminder of how music can teach us life’s lessons, and it gives props to good old radio for bringing those tunes into our lives.

“Whatcha Got In That Cup”

In the 2013 jam “Whatcha Got In That Cup,” you’ll be grooving to a catchy country beat that’s all about those unexpected moments of love after a drink or two. The lyrics crank up the party vibes, and it’s a track that just screams good times and letting loose.

Thomas Rhett’s ’20 Number Ones,’ including the vinyl edition will be available on September 29th. Fans can secure their copies by pre-ordering and pre-saving now.

Thomas Rhett’s 20 Number Ones Album Tracklist: 

1. “It Goes like This”

2. “Get Me Some Of That”

3. “Make Me Wanna”

4. “Crash And Burn”

5. “Die A Happy Man”

6. “T-Shirt”

7. “Star of The Show”

8. “Craving You” feat. Maren Morris

9. “Unforgettable”

10. “Marry Me”

11. “Life Changes”

12. “Sixteen”

13. “Look What God Gave Her”

14. “Remember You Young”

15. “Beer Can’t Fix”

16. “Be A Light”

17. “What’s Your Country Song”

18. “Country Again”

19. “Slow Down Summer”

20. “Half of Me” feat. Riley Green

Bonus Track: 

21. “Angels (Don’t Always Have Wings)”