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Tim McGraw Shares How He Used to Fool Record Executives Early in His Career

Tim McGraw has become a country music icon throughout his long lasting career and he might possibly owe this to some clever tactics he pulled in his early career.

During a recent Apple Music interview, McGraw shared an amusing story about how he would cleverly deceive record company executives.

“You’ll play a mix for somebody, like an executive, and they’ll go, ‘Y’know, this really sounds great, but I think if you tweaked it right here and you tweaked it right there, and you did a few little tweaks on the mix, it’d be really good,” McGraw said.

“And I’d go, ‘Okay.’ So I’d go away. Couple days later I’d come back with the same mix, and say, ‘We tweaked it, took your suggestions.’ And I’ll play it, and they’d all go, ‘Hot damn. That’s exactly what it needed. Now it sounds great.'”

Watch the full interview below:

Obviously, McGraw’s tactics seem to have worked, considering that he has had a prominent music career since the 80’s— with no sign of stopping any time soon.

Recently, McGraw released his latest album, titled, Standing Room Only , along with a 2024 tour with Carly Pearce as support.