Top 5 Moments of Talking In Circles With Clint Black

Take a look back at our top 5 fan favorite moments on Talking In Circles With Clint Black from previous seasons to get you geared up for the Season 4 premiere of Talking In Circles airing THIS Saturday, May 13 at 10/9 p.m. CT on Circle Network!

5. Brad Paisley’s Hilarious Nickname For Bill Anderson

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In a hilarious moment with Clint Black, Bill Anderson tells the story of why Brad Paisley calls him “Moses.” One night at Paisley’s house, Anderson and John Randal were over making music. Paisley and Randal had what Anderson calls the”latest technology” while Anderson is using a legal pad and a #2 pencil to write. Paisley jokingly calls over to Anderson saying “Hey Moses, when did you quit writing with a chisel” — Ultimately leading to his forever nickname.

4. Deana Carter’s Memories With Her Dad

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In this episode of Talking in Circles, Deana Carter reminisces on a touching moment she had with her father as a child. Thinking back to a day when her and her dad visited Ray Stevens’ studio, she remembers going to see George Jones as he was doing vocals. Sitting on the top of an empty desk, side by side with her dad, he looks over and tells her “This is cool.” While George Jones sung in the background, the heartfelt moment of peace with her father turned into a memory she will cherish forever.

3. Chris ‘Hummingbird’ Janson

@circleallaccess If you’ve ever seen @Chris Janson live you know that’s a fitting nickname! @clintblack_ #TalkingInCircles #fyp #foryou #artist #interview #country #countrymusic #music #countryartist #chrisjanson #nickname #storytime #funny #clintblack ♬ original sound – circleallaccess

Chris Janson tells the tale of why his nickname is ‘hummingbird’ in this episode of Talking in Circles. Radio DJ, Stormy Warren happily gave Janson the nickname after seeing the energy that Janson gives on stage. Jumping around through every song and performance when he’s feeling the crowd, Janson gives a performance like no other, earning the rightful title as “Hummingbird.”

2. Jamey Johnson & Hank Cochran’s Friendship

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Jamey Johnson recalls the beautiful friendship him and Hank Cochran had. Talking about the cheap belts that he use to wear, he tells the moment of when Cochran handed him a belt when his broke. The belt was engraved on the buckle with the words “Hank Cochran, Legend.” Taking off his belt, Johnson reveals that he still wears it to this day.

1. Guy Fieri Surprises Sammy Hagar and Clint Black

@circleallaccess Some “Guy” just showed up! You never know what might happen on #TalkingInCircles with @clintblack_ ! #GuyFieri #SammyHagar #fyp #foryou #artist #interview #funny #prank #country #countrymusic #viral #trending ♬ original sound – circleallaccess

During an interview between Sammy Hagar and Clint Black, Guy Fieri made a surprise visit, announcing that he brought the tequila that Sammy had forgotten. The dynamic duo share a tequila company together, called Santo Tequila. This partnership brings so many laughs and smiles, it had to be our #1 favorite moment!

Season 4 of Talking in Circles with Clint Black is coming back THIS Saturday, May 13. Join us Saturday nights at 10/9c pm for lots of laughs, good friends, and great conversation, featuring some of your favorite celebrities like Terry Bradshaw, Kathie Lee Gifford, Lee Brice, Tanya Tucker + MORE, only on Circle Network! Check your local listings HERE.

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