Walker Hayes Brings Prom to Patients in Pediatric Hospital

Walker Hayes recently made a stop at TriStar Centennial Medical Center to bring the prom experience to current patients.

Hayes brought corsages, crowns and tiaras for patients who are currently experiencing treatment, giving them the full prom experience while also giving them a live performance of his hit song “Fancy Like.”

“I want to thank you so much for coming and visiting everybody here today,” one of the patients told Hayes. “What one spark can do to make somebody’s day, really make them feel a whole lot better. I appreciate it and I appreciate all that you do.”

Musicians on Call is a non-profit organization that teamed up with Men’s Wearhouse to create the “Bedside Prom” concept, which gives patients who aren’t able to leave the hospital a prom-like experience.

Walker Hayes is known for being a family man, so an opportunity to bring positivity to kids who need it most is definitely an honor and mission in his career.

He is currently on his Duck Buck Tour, which continues through August 5.