Facebook: Walker Hayes

Walker Hayes Celebrates 8 Years of Sobriety

Walker Hayes has achieved a significant milestone, and he’s graciously sharing it with his fans.

Recently, Hayes marked 8 years of sobriety, honoring this achievement through a heartfelt social media post. As a symbolic gesture, he included a screenshot of his 2016 hit song “Beer in the Fridge.”

“Celebrating 8 years sober with y’all,” Hayes wrote. ” I don’t actually know the exact day I just know it was around October,” he continued. “Thank y’all for the encouragement over the years and for allowing me to sing through my struggles. Here’s to another 8 and here’s to freedom from addiction. Let’s gooooooooooo!”

The song “Beer in the Fridge” represents a pivotal moment in Walker Hayes’ journey towards sobriety, signifying the start of his journey to overcome alcoholism. The song’s lyrics, which include the lines, “There’s a beer in the fridge, last of twelve / Sole survivor of my last all-nighter / In the back of the bottom shelf / It’s gonna be there in the morning,” served as the inception of his path to recovery.