Walker Hayes Surprises Fan Who Has Autism With an Unforgettable Meet and Greet

Walker Hayes‘ heart of gold shines brightly, especially when it comes to his dedicated fans. Once again, he demonstrated this by orchestrating a truly unforgettable evening for a superfan with autism.

Last year, a loyal fan, named Matt, was gifted a shirt with the lyrics of one of his favorite songs, “Fancy Like.” A heartwarming video capturing Matt’s reaction was shared on social media and swiftly became viral.

The sweet video caught the attention of none other than Walker Hayes himself and Applebee’s, the restaurant chain famously mentioned in the catchy chorus of the song.

The video of Matt touched Applebee’s hearts so deeply that they decided to present him with some exclusive “Fancy Like” merchandise and set him up with a meet and greet with Walker Hayes.

In the video, we see Matt meeting Hayes for the first time, with Hayes instantly knowing who Matt was.

“Walker immediately knew who Matt was and embraced him, the caption says. “The video speaks for itself. Walker showed not only compassion and a genuine interest in Matt, but he also made Matt feel like a long time friend. Thank you @walkerhayes for being you and making Matt’s dream come true. It’s a testament to the type of human being you are. You are truly the one of the good ones. Safe travels to your amazing family!”

But the story of the evolving friendship doesn’t stop there, because before the concert, Hayes extended a heartfelt invitation to Matt for lunch with him, his wife, and their kids at a nearby Applebee’s.

@autismlittlelearners Matt is a young man with special needs. His hero is @Walker Hayes! After meeting Walker last summer at a meet & greet, the two became fast friends. They randomly ran into each other at the airport a couple of weeks ago & reconnected. The next thing Matt knew, he had tickets to a show in Minnesota. Then, Walker made one of Matt’s biggest dreama come true…they had bourbon street steaks & oreo shakes together at a local Applebees and Matt got to slap the “gold card” down. 💥 You guys, Walker Hayes is a class act, and his entire family is genuine, caring and kind. In a world where there is so much hate….it’s beautiful to experience the kindness of human beings! 💕 #walkerhayes #fancylike #fancylikedance #walkerhayesdance #walkerhayesmusic #specialneeds #disabilitytiktok #feelgoodvibe #autismlittlelearners @E! News ♬ Fancy Like – Walker Hayes

Without a doubt, Matt and Hayes’ friendship will last forever!

Hayes is presently embarking on his Duck Buck Tour, scheduled to conclude on August 5 with a performance at Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre in Sterling Heights, Michigan.