Walker Hayes teases new song called Taylor Swift
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Walker Hayes Teases Unreleased Song Named “Taylor Swift”

In his newly teased single “Taylor Swift,” Walker Hayes shows us he’s a big-time Swiftie with a whole lot of heart.

In this catchy track, Walker Hayes offers a sneak peek of what we can expect from his upcoming album New Money, and it’s a delightful blend of heartwarming and charmingly funny.

The song’s inspiration springs from a memorable father-daughter adventure at a Taylor Swift concert. Hayes recounts the hilarious moment when his daughter Lolly nodded off during the performance.

“Two Taylor Swift concert ticket stubs cost me more than my mortgage does and that was before T-shirts, Cokes and popcorn. But hey, I mean how many times does your little girl turn 9?” Haye starts off singing.

“Dave Ramsey wouldn’t like it but it was priceless watching her watch her hero singing every single word to every song in the nose bleeds smiling like we had VIP passes on. So enchanted till her bedtime struck like midnight and she yawned, climbed up in my arms, and she was gone.”

@walkerhayesofficial Lolly’s new favorite song. True story time #taylorswift #walkersversion #swifttok #swifties ♬ original sound – Walker Hayes

Back in June, Hayes initially gave fans a sneak peek of the song through a TikTok video. In the video, he strummed his guitar while singing the lyrics, with Lolly providing some backup vocals and even playing the mandolin alongside him.

Hayes’ highly anticipated project, New Money, is set to drop on September 29th. The album will feature eight songs, each including Hayes’s cherished signature songwriting style.