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Walker Hayes Touches on the Division in America in Lighthearted New Single ‘Good With Me’

Walker Hayes joined forces with his daughter, Lolly, to introduce his newest country anthem, “Good With Me,” on Friday, August 25th.

The country music star shared an acoustic version on Instagram, as they both sat outdoors on a porch. Meanwhile, Lolly enjoyed a slice of watermelon in the background giving callbacks whenever it was her queue.

“This verse and chorus spilled out on the dock a couple months ago, and then my buddy Shane McAnally and Scott Stepakoff helped me finish it,” Hayes said.

The essence of Hayes’ song conveys a message about our modern times. He highlights the fact that in today’s world, people’s attention is often consumed by seeking disagreements, causing them to overlook the numerous areas of agreement that actually exist in our society.

In the song, Hayes compiles a roster of individuals in his life, delving into their perspectives to showcase their views. He explores various subjects of personal beliefs, ranging from college athletes and COVID debates to religious faith, politics, and the definition of authentic country music.

Balancing the array of different opinions he has encountered, Hayes ultimately arrives at a realization that he is also passionate about certain topics— such as savoring a beer on the lake, fishing, cherishing country songs, exchanging smiles, tender kisses, and spending time with loved ones.

Hayes playfully ends the song by singing “Label thinks I’m gonna get canceled / Soon as I put out this song.”

Watch the full version of Walker Hayes’ song ‘Good With Me’ below:

“Good With Me” kicks things off for Hayes’ upcoming project, New Money, out on September 29th. The project will include eight songs that carry Hayes’ beloved signature songwriting style.