Watch: 65 Member Dance Group Performs Blindfolded During ‘AGT’ Audition

America’s Got Talent made its return on Tuesday, June 20, bringing a night filled with captivating auditions. Among them was an audition that left judge Howie Mandel so amazed, that he used his Golden Buzzer sending the group straight to the live shows.

In the auditions of Season 18 of America’s Got Talent, the fourth week showcased the awe-inspiring talent of Murmuration, a dance group from France. Consisting of 65 members, they astounded the judges and the audience with their incredible synchronization and flawless choreography. What made their performance even more remarkable was the fact that they executed the entire routine while blindfolded. Murmuration’s extraordinary display on the AGT stage undoubtedly left a lasting impression, especially on AGT judge, Howie Mandel.

After the group’s audition, Mandel couldn’t help but express that their mesmerizing movements were infectious. Mandel told the group that their performance inspired him to take action himself. From his seat, the judge began imitating the precise arm and hand motions of Murmuration. However, Mandel broke into his own dance moves, eventually rising from his chair and making his way towards the center of the judge’s desk.

It became evident that the “something” Mandel wanted to do was to hit the Golden Buzzer. As soon as he pressed it, the group was guaranteed a spot in the live shows scheduled for later in the summer.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8pm ET/PT on NBC.