Puppy rides on the back of a rooster TikTok

Watch Adorable Puppy Hitchhike on the Back of a Rooster

Welcome to the crazy realm of TikTok, where enchanting and peculiar videos are always around the corner. And this video proves it.

Imagine a pint-sized, fluffy, white pup on an epic journey. But hold up, who’s joining the journey? A rooster! In fact, it turns out that the rooster is the pup’s form of transportation.

@doggo_royale Riding a chicken 🐓🤗😂 #chicken #puppydogs #funnychicken #cutepuppyvideos #funnyanimalvideos #funnyanimalsoftiktok #trending #viral #fyp😂 #foryou😂 #foryoupage😂 ♬ Livin' My Best Life – Dylan Scott

Together, the duo fearlessly struts around the yard, leaving us all to wonder if they’ve just stumbled upon the latest and most unexpected friendship in history.