Watch: Carly Pearce Jokes After Taking Her First Fall On Stage: “Better Make It Count”

Carly Pearce has officially joined the “falling on stage” club.

In a recent concert, Pearce exuded confidence as she strolled across the stage, fully prepared to carry on with her performance. However, to her surprise, her foot unexpectedly slipped, causing her to abruptly land on her butt— hard.

Thankfully, Pearce has a sense of humor, much to the delight of her social media followers. Embracing the spirit of her first-ever onstage fall, she chose to commemorate the epic moment by repeatedly sharing the video, cleverly synchronizing it to the rhythm of Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl.”

“First fall on stage, better make it count,” she captioned the hilarious video.

Following her unexpected fall, Pearce quickly regained her composure, swiftly standing back up on her feet, and proceeded to sing a rendition of the track from her third studio album, 29: Written In Stone.

@kerrimacc I bet she said she never falls this hard 🙃 Yeah….we’ll all remember that part. #fyp #countryconcerts #falls #carlypearce #countrymusic ♬ original sound – Kerrimac

With a lighthearted spirit, she jokingly addressed the crowd, saying, “One of you is gonna put that on the internet and I’m gonna die.” However, she swiftly transitioned to the back of the stage, preparing herself for her upcoming song.

Carly Pearce is gearing up for an exciting lineup of performances at various fairs and festivals throughout the year. Check out Carly Pearce’s upcoming shows here.