This Fan’s Pregnancy Reveal Using Jordan Davis’ Song ‘Next Thing You Know’ Will Put You In Tears

Jordan Davis‘ hit song ‘Next Thing You Know‘ beautifully narrates the emotional journey from getting married to having children and eventually becoming grandparents, making it the perfect choice for this one fan’s pregnancy reveal.

In this touching TikTok video, a couple, who are expecting a baby together, is featured on a video call with the husband’s parents. He serenades them with a beautiful rendition of Jordan Davis’ song, skillfully weaving in their own heartfelt story through the lyrics.

With his guitar in hand, the husband skillfully begins singing the song’s original lyrics.

@lindypok Still not over it 🥹 @jordandavis #pregnancyannouncement #nextthingyouknow #surprise #tellingmyfamilyimpregnant ♬ original sound – lindypok

Next thing you know / You’re savin’ money like never before, just to / Spend it all at a jewelry store, gettin’ down on one knee on her mama’s porch / Just prayin’ she don’t say no / Next thing you know / Your best man gives a half-drunk speech and you’re / Sunburnt on a honeymoon beach and your / Left hand’s gettin’ used to that ring / It’s amazing how fast the next two or three years go / Next thing you know.

With a delightful surprise, he stuns the soon-to-be grandparents by seamlessly replacing the song’s lyrics with their pregnancy announcement, perfectly synchronized to the beat of the music.

You weren’t really tryin’ / Next thing you know / There was a test on the counter / Next thing you know / Lindy was cryin’ / Noddin’ her head yes / Now I’m half excited / Half scared to death / Next thing you know / Cindy and Joel will be grandparents / Hold ’em in your arms on the Disney cruise / Been so excited to finally tell you / Baby Garnett’s on the way coming this fall / It’ll be here / Next thing you know.

Viewers flooded the emotional video with comments, expressing how the special moment moved them to tears.

One viewer commented saying, “Next thing you know we’re all crying, congratulations!!”

“Here I am crying over strangers on the internet again,” another hilariously admitted.