Watch Here: Larry Fleet Performs New Song ‘Layaway’ While Backstage at the Grand Ole Opry (Circle Exclusive)

You never know what amazing performances happen behind closed doors backstage the Grand Ole Opry! While Larry Fleet‘s bandmates, Cam McClaren and Steven Metz, were getting ready for their first-ever performance at the legendary venue, they felt a mix of nervousness and excitement in the air. However, Larry had a plan to create a relaxed and casual atmosphere behind the scenes.

With many feelings running through the air backstage, Larry found inspiration striking him. While eagerly awaiting their turn on stage, his creative spirit took over, and he began to immerse himself in the music. The result was an intimate performance of his new song “Layaway.”

Larry strongly believes in the power of music to share personal experiences and connect with others. Drawing from his own life, “Layaway” became a reflection of his journey and a memory that holds a special significance in his heart.

As a child, Larry’s family grew up putting their Christmas presents on layaway. Now, Larry is performing at the Opry.

“When times get tough, the tough get to workin’ hard where I’m from,” Fleet notes. “I worked construction for years before this dream started to take shape for me, and I know how much it takes sometimes to keep things afloat. Sacrificing for your family is one of the most admirable things in the world to me, something I’ve seen my family and friends do for each other all my life. I wanted to pay tribute to that effort and dedication and write one for them.”

Watch the exclusive video of “Layaway” coming to life backstage at the Grand Ole Opry below: