TikTok: @whosthebestone

Watch: This Person Attempts to Cook a Turkey With Their Pickup Truck— and it Goes Very Very Wrong

Buckle up, y’all, because we’ve stumbled upon the most unconventional Thanksgiving feast ever!

Picture this: a redneck culinary genius armed with a pickup truck, a turkey, and a questionable amount of creativity.

In a hilarious TikTok masterpiece, our fearless chef turns the turkey-cooking game on its head— or should I say, sets it on fire?

Now, I’m no safety expert, but cooking a turkey with a pickup truck might not be FDA-approved. But who needs safety when you’ve got a sense of adventure and a pickup truck, right?

@whosthebestone I wonder if it tasted good. #DejaTuHuella#HaventSeen#tiktok#fyp#funny#memes#xyzbca#crazy ♬ Whoopty – CJ