turtle in gym

Watch: Turtle Goes Viral After Breaking into a Gym

Gym-goers in Port St. Lucie, Florida got a hilarious shock when an unanticipated visitor dropped by during their workout session.

An adventurous turtle found its way into the Iron Knight Gym through a slightly opened garage door, leading to a commotion that had everyone talking, per WSVN’s report.

The turtle captured the manager’s attention, leading to a comical impromptu exercise session between the two. In an effort to keep an eye on the reptile, the manager trailed behind it. At first, she was uncertain about how to guide the adorable intruder away, but soon an idea struck her. She fetched a towel and tried to carefully pick up the turtle, but its rapid motions went against her attempts. Ultimately, she opted for a patient approach, using the towel to gently encourage the turtle to exit the gym premises. Remarkably, the turtle seemed to obey and depart, perhaps off to embark on another adventure.