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Why Is Walker Hayes Doing a Different Trick Shot Everyday With His Family for 365 Days? [Exclusive]

Walker Hayes isn’t just a country music sensation; he’s also a rising star in the online world.

With his infectious personality and a delightful family of seven, Walker Hayes has cultivated a substantial online following, boasting an impressive 3.3 million TikTok followers.

If you’ve been following Walker’s recent digital adventures, you might have noticed that he and his family have embarked on a unique challenge: attempting a different trick shot every single day for an entire year, totaling 365 days. But what’s the reason behind Walker Hayes’ daily trick shot quest?

Generating new and imaginative trick shots on a daily basis often involves countless attempts, hours of dedication, and extensive filming to ensure they don’t miss a day. It might sound crazy to some, but to Walker Hayes, every moment of this adventure is absolutely priceless.

“We just kind of on a whim made that commitment,” Walker shared with Circle, reflecting on how the challenge originated. While their family had long enjoyed watching trick shots online and frequently trying them out at home or during tour, the idea of doing it consistently and sharing it online brought a fresh dimension to their family connection. Hayes recognized that this undertaking was a valuable way to enhance communication with his children.

“I’ve noticed that if you do an activity, the conversation flows a little freer. We’re more open with our feelings,” Hayes said.

“We’ve learned so much together,” he continued. “I’ve learned a lot about myself…God gave me a massive appreciation for a challenge. I love the creative process, the trying and failing and obviously the feeling of when you finally get it.”

“It’s just like a science project with your kids every day. You learn about life and it’s very team-oriented. Honestly, it’s been a lot more magical than I ever attended it to be,” Hayes said.

Although they’re currently focused on reaching 365 days, there’s little doubt that this bonding experience will create a lasting impression on Hayes and his children. Someday, they’ll reflect on it and share the story with their own kids, fondly reminiscing about the unique adventure of taking on this challenge as a family.

“A trick shot is a great metaphor for everything, Hayes said. “Rarely does anything in life just take one try. From marriage, to occupation to your relationship with the Lord you can’t give up.”

What appears to be a lighthearted online viral challenge is, in fact, a priceless experience that will be cherished forever. Walker Hayes has truly found a heartwarming tradition that strengthens the ties within his family. The dedication and unexpected rewards arising from his trick shot challenge are indeed incredible surprises, making this journey even more special.

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