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Wynonna Judd Releases Solo Rendition of Holiday Classic “Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem”

In a touching tribute to the past, Wynonna Judd has recently shared her own version of the classic Christmas song, “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem.” This special song was originally recorded with her late mother, Naomi Judd, for The Judds’ Christmas album in 1987. Now, after 35 years, Wynonna has brought it back to life.

The decision to revisit “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem” highlights Wynonna’s deep connection to the song and its lasting love it holds for many. This refreshed version not only captures the artist’s journey over the years but also honors the original magic created by The Judds.

As listeners dive into this captivating solo rendition, they are encouraged to revisit the charm of the late 1980s when Wynonna and Naomi first shared their voices for this timeless holiday classic. With its enduring appeal and Wynonna’s heartfelt interpretation, “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem” once again brings a radiant warmth to the holiday season, connecting musical eras and resonating with audiences of all ages.