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You Won’t Believe The Hilarious Thing That This Little Boy Told Lainey Wilson

Well, we weren’t expecting that.

During one of her recent concerts, Lainey Wilson caught sight of a young boy in the audience, holding up a sign that caught her attention.

The sign read: “Lainey help me win my bet, I need a hug then my brother owes me $50!”

Wilson, not wanting to see a kid lose a bet, reaches out to him, who’s named Cash, and invites him onstage. She reads Cash’s sign out loud, ensuring the entire crowd knows its message.

In response, Wilson agrees, saying she needs to “take my guitar off for this one!” She bends down to embrace Cash tightly, giving him an enormous hug. While doing so, Cash leans in and whispers something into her ear that seems to leave her shocked for a second.

“Y’all won’t believe what Cash just said,” she said to the crowd. “He literally said ‘I gotta tell you something, my brother likes your butt!'”

Finding the moment pure comedic gold, Wilson leans in to give the boy another hug before he exits the stage.

This wasn’t the first time that Wilson brought a kid up on stage to help them win a bet, however.

Recently, Wilson brought a little girl on stage to help her dreams of owning a pony come true.

The girl was also in the crowd holding a sign, hers reading, “Lainey, my Dad bet me a pony if I get to get on stage at my first ever country concert.”

Of course, Wilson wasted no time and immediately invited the fan to join her on stage. Overwhelmed with emotion, the little girl couldn’t help but burst into tears as Wilson warmly embraced her in a hug.

@wendyleighanderson This little girl’s dad bet her a pony if she got on stage with Lainey Wilson. So cute. This little girl gets a pony! ♥️🤠🐴 #laineywilson #thisgirlgetsapony #lukecombs #lukecombsworldstour2023 #lukecombsworldtour #stlouis #buschstadium @laineywilsonmusic @Luke Combs ♬ original sound – Wendy Anderson