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Zach Bryan Hilariously Mocks His Recent Arrest With Halloween Costume

Country music sensation Zach Bryan showcased his playful side by poking fun at his recent brush with the law through his Halloween costume this year.

In an Instagram post, Bryan wore an orange jumpsuit and a cowboy hat, striking a pose in front of a New York City Police van surrounded by officers. What added to the humor was the presence of his girlfriend, Bri LaPaglia, dressed as the police officer who appears to be mock-arresting Bryan.

This amusing post came after Bryan’s real-life encounter with the law in Vanita, Oklahoma. The singer found himself in a sticky situation when his security guard was pulled over for speeding. Bryan’s refusal to comply with the officer’s instructions led to his arrest on a charge of obstructing an investigation. However, Bryan handled the situation with his usual good-natured grace, turning to social media to publicly own up to his actions and offer an apology.

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