Zach Bryan
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Zach Bryan’s New Album Release Date Has Been Revealed

Seems like fans are going to be able to hear new Zach Bryan music sooner than they thought…

Zach Bryan has officially announced that his upcoming album will be available on August 25.

Bryan took to Instagram to share the long-awaited announcement that his enthusiastic fans had been anticipating. This significant revelation emerged shortly after Wesley Schultz, the lead singer of The Lumineers, appeared to reveal the release date of the album in an Instagram story.

Recently, Zach Bryan unveiled a fresh track from his forthcoming album, a collaboration with The Lumineers, titled “Spotless.” As Schultz was promoting the track across his social media, he also told fans the release date for Bryan’s upcoming album— or so we thought.

According to Schultz, Bryans new album was going to drop on August 19.

Before confirming the release date, Bryan has given snippets of multiple new tracks that will appear on the album throughout the past few months.

Back in June, Bryan even went as far as offering fans a sneak peek of his upcoming album by sharing 10 audio file snippets, giving them a sneak-peek of what they can expect to hear soon.

He casually dropped a hint that his upcoming music will probably sound quite different from anything we’ve heard before. In the caption, he mentioned, “this one was for me, I do not care if you like it.”