American Idol Reveals Top 5— See Who Made It Through

American Idol officially has just 5 contestants left.

Season 21 of American Idol is slowly coming to a wrap, as the show has officially named it’s Top 5 contestants on Sunday night. With only a few episodes left, we are gearing up to see who will be crowned the Season 21 winner!

Take a look at who made it to the Top 5:

Megan Danielle

Megan Danielle is a Christian singer/songwriter from Douglasville, Georgia. Many fans recognized Megan as a former contestant on season 18 of The Voice. After not making it to the end after competing on Kelly Clarkson’s team, Megan Danielle has found a second chance at stardom with American Idol.

Zachariah Smith

Zachariah Smith is a 19-year-old burger flipper from Armory, Mississippi. Smith has grabbed the hearts of the judges this season through his entertaining stage presence and natural rasp within his voice, becoming an instant fan favorite as well.

Colin Stough

Colin Stough is an 18 year old singer from the same area as fellow contestant Zachariah Smith. Before his Idol days, he was an HVAC technician. His mom signed him up for American Idol, knowing very well that he would never take the chance himself. Flash forward, and it has changed Stough’s life in a way he never had expected.

Wé Ani

Wé Ani is a singer from Harlem, New York who grasped the judges attention during audition due to her high pitched speaking voice, that easily transforms into a deep and soulful sound whenever she sings. Wé Ani also competed on The Voice back in 2016, taking a second shot at success like fellow Top 5 contestant Megan Danielle.

Iam Tongi

Iam Tongi is an 18 year old Hawaiian Native who currently holds the title of having the most viewed audition of the season on American Idol’s social medias. Iam gained traction after his emotional audition that he dedicated to his father who passed away just a few months before. With the amount of passion and emotion Iam puts into all of his performances, it’s no surprise he is competing in the Top 5.