Circle Release of the Week: Dustin Lynch's "Killed The Cowboy" Album

Circle Release of the Week: Dustin Lynch’s “Killed The Cowboy” Album

Dustin Lynch is gearing up to share his eagerly awaited sixth studio album, “Killed the Cowboy,” with the world, and you can tune in right here as Circle’s featured release of the week!

In this album, Lynch delves into the highs and lows of the single life, but don’t expect a sappy quest for love. Instead, it ends up being a journey of self-discovery and self-prioritization, with the hope that love will naturally find its place along the way.

He fully embraces the hardships of the solo lifestyle in tracks like the title song, but fear not, there are plenty of lighthearted moments too, including “Chevrolet,” a lively duet with Jelly Roll that gives a fresh twist to Dobie Gray’s timeless classic, “Drift Away.”

Dustin Lynch’s new album promises a musical rollercoaster of emotions that’s sure to captivate your heart.

Listen to Killed The Cowboy  here: