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Dan + Shay Tease New Single “We Should Get Married”

Dan + Shay want to prove that their music isn’t just for weddings.

Although their music has often been favored for weddings, the duo is currently determined to demonstrate their ability to craft songs that might not exclusively be chosen for a couple’s first dance. A teaser of their upcoming track, “We Should Get Married,” suggests that the country pair is eager to showcase their ability to create party anthems that will have people flooding the dance floor.

The video begins with Dan + Shay in their green room, fixing their bow ties and glancing at themselves in the mirror, prepping to perform at a wedding. Then enters the wedding planner, rocking a headset microphone and holding a clipboard. She proceeds to brief the duo on how the event will unfold.

“You’re gonna go out, you’re gonna do that first dance. We need you to do your song and then be out of there, because then we have the DJ coming in to get people up and dancing,” she tells the duo.

She adds, “I’m sorry, you’re just not that band, right?”

While she exits the room, the band members engage in a conversation regarding the categorization that their music has been placed into.

“Everybody thinks we’re just the ballad guys, first-dance guys, it’s so frustrating,” Shay Mooney says.

“We don’t need a DJ to get people out on the dancefloor. We got songs for that,” responds Dan Smyers, before Shay adds, “I think we should just go rogue and play the song.”

The song?” asks Dan.

Shay then nods and smiles in confirmation, “The song.”

It’s no surprise that the Dan + Shay are aiming to expand their range with their upcoming album “Bigger Houses,” which signifies a new chapter within their musical journey.

The project took shape when Dan + Shay approached their music with a new perspective in life; having recently reconciled after a challenging period that almost led to the bands break up.

“We Should Get Married” is set for release on Thursday night (August 24) at 11 PM CT. The complete “Bigger Houses” album will be available on September 15. Fans can begin pre-ordering now.