Jelly Rool

Jelly Roll Admits He Would Get Rid of 96% of His Tattoos If He Could: “It’s Embarassing”

Despite being one of the most heavily tattooed musicians in the country rock crossover scene, Jelly Roll admitted that there are several tattoos on his body that he wishes he hadn’t gotten over the years Which is pretty much all of them.

During an interview with Jason Bailey on the Audacy Check In, Jelly Roll was questioned about his tattoo regrets. In response, he candidly admitted, “Oh, 96 percent of them. I have more tattoo regrets than I do ‘Man I’m glad I got this.'”

“How you think at 16-years-old and how you think at 36-years-old are so dramatically far apart from each other. It’s embarrassing,” Jelly Roll added.

Jelly Roll’s extensive use of tattoos as a form of self-expression is evident, as he has body art from head to toe.

“The tour tattoos I would keep cause they do have a cool story, but the rest of these are like, yeah dude, I can’t believe I thought like that,” he tells Bailey.

Giving a prime example of one of his regrets, he jokingly points out, “I’ve got a Gerber baby smoking a joint tattooed on my arm. I don’t know who authorized this in my life or who was around me at this moment, but I hate them.”

Jelly Roll’s tattoos have become a distinctive trademark for the music sensation, making it quite surprising that he isn’t particularly fond of them.

However, the artist recently underwent an appearance transformation by shaving off all of his hair in a TikTok video. And although his many tattoos are just one thing that his fans love about him, it raises the question: could we witness another transformation in the future if he decides to have some of his tattoos removed?