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Kelsea Ballerini Announces Deluxe EP of “Rolling Up The Welcome Mat (For Good)”

Kelsea Ballerini is ready to roll up the welcome mat— and for good this time.

Ballerini delighted her fans with the news of an upcoming deluxe version of the EP, titled ‘Rolling Up the Welcome Mat (For Good)’. Initially, she introduced the collection as a heartfelt and honest musical representation of her journey through heartbreak, with songs directly inspired by her healing process after her mid-2022 divorce.

Rolling Up the Welcome Mat was released in February of this year and featured prominently during Ballerini’s just-concluded Heartfirst tour. Throughout the tour, the songs from the EP underwent transformations, and Ballerini made significant lyrical revisions. Notably, she added a powerful new verse to “Blindsided” and changed a line in “Penthouse” from “Now I don’t know where you’re sleeping, baby” to “Now I don’t care where you’re sleeping, baby.”

“It’s most important that i articulate that this re-release is for you and you only, Ballerini said on Instagram. “The added outro’s that we ended up screamsinging nightly on tour, the lyric changes along a healing journey, hearing you very loudly explain that the INTERLUDE NEEDS TO BE A FULL SONG KELSEA COME ON. plus, a new song to bring the story more up to date.”

The forthcoming deluxe version will capture these modifications and will also include a new song titled “How Do I Do This.” In her announcement, Ballerini encouraged her fans to bear in mind one crucial aspect as they listen to the new release.

“With this, comes a favor. from the deepest and purest part of my heart, i ask that you help this be ours and let the music simply be the music, not dig back into the experience that it was written about nearly a year ago,” she urged listeners. “As a songwriter, producer, artist i’m proud and protective of this EP, and as a woman and human also proud and protective of the new, happy season of life i’m in.”

Beginning this month, Ballerini will be hosting three intimate conversations and screenings for her short film “Rolling Up the Welcome Mat,” which she released along with the original EP. During this special occasion, she will provide an intimate look behind the scenes, sharing her creative vision and the process of bringing the film to life.

Additionally, Ballerini will delve into the writing and recording process of her EP and discuss each track

Rolling Up the Welcome Mat (For Good) is scheduled for release on August 11.