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Lainey Wilson Sings Through a Megaphone After Lightning Strikes Ruined Sound Equipment at Recent Show

Lainey Wilson is the true definition of “the show must go on.”

Wilson put on a sold-out show in Texas on Friday night when an unexpected lightning strike affected the venue’s sound equipment, leading to a power outage. Naturally, Wilson is committed to exploring all available options before even considering the possibility of canceling the performance.

Just as the true performer she is, Wilson found another solution to make sure her concert could go on— and it included using a megaphone.

@mandycollura5 When Texas has been in a 5 month drought and @Lainey Wilson comes to town and not only brings the rain she knocks the power out!! This powerhouse of a woman works so hard she even tried to play via mega phone!! Power outage didn’t last long and @BillyBobsTexas staff had her back up and rollin! THE BEST CONCERT I HAVE EVER BEEN TOO! Love watching this gal’s dreams come true! 🔥♥️🤠🤘🏼🎸 #laineywilson #bellbottomcountry #cmaentertaineroftheyear #cmafemalevocalistoftheyear #watermelonmoonshine #heartlikeatruck ♬ original sound – Mandy Collura

The country sensation continued to strum her acoustic guitar and serenade the massive crowd using a megaphone, providing an experience far beyond the ordinary for the audience.

However, this isn’t the first instance of Wilson having to think on her feet due to bad weather conditions at a concert.

Back in July, Wilson confronted unexpected technical issues while opening for Luke Combs at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. Another lightning strike wreaked havoc on her sound equipment, depriving her of the backup music typically provided by her band.

Without skipping a beat, Wilson elegantly took center stage, expressed her regrets for the technical setbacks, and went on to deliver an acoustic performance, accompanied only by one band member.