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Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Organization Grants $50k to Two Animal Shelters in Tennessee

Miranda Lambert’s Muttnation Foundation is paving the way for new animal shelters in Tennessee.

The organization has started a special project called the “Miranda Lambert New Shelter Grant” to help and support new shelters. This grant is a way to give a boost to organizations that are just getting started and have already shown they’re doing the hard work to get things going. It’s a special initiative to celebrate Miranda Lambert’s lifelong commitment to helping rescue pets.

Recently, they gave the first grants to two groups in Tennessee: Crossroads Campus and Wags & Walks.

Muttnation, a nonprofit started in 2009 by Miranda Lambert and her mom, Bev Lambert, has a main goal: to get more shelter pets adopted, spread the word about the good things that happen when pets are spayed or neutered, and encourage these practices.

Muttnation also helps out financially and works with transportation partners to move animals during natural disasters. They’re all about making sure shelter pets not only find homes but are also taken care of, especially during tough times.

So, when Miranda Lambert and Muttnation celebrate the first winners of the Miranda Lambert New Shelter Grant, they’re really making a big difference in helping animals find happy homes and encouraging others to join in and care for pets in need.