Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen Kicks Fan Out Of Concert For This

On Saturday night, Morgan Wallen took the stage at Australia’s Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, as he continues his One Night At A Time Tour.  Unfortunately, Wallen encountered a problem with a concertgoer during the event.

While performing “Everything I Love” from his album One Thing at a Time, the country star barely avoided a direct hit from a full cup of beer that a fan threw at him on stage.

@chloedonovan Who threw there drink at this gorgeous man🥹#morganwallen#kickedout#angry ♬ original sound – ChloeDonovan

Remaining cool while he finished the song, Wallen went to find the group of fans responsible for throwing the cup later on, and demanded someone to come forward for throwing the cup. He made it clear that he would throw the entire friend group out of one person didn’t step forward.

The crowd wasn’t pleased, chanting for Wallen to kick the people out of the venue. He managed to identify the person responsible for the incident and instructed for them to be escorted out of the concert.

This recent incident is not the first time that the country music star has had to remove disruptive fans. Back in September 2022, during a show, Wallen had to pause his performance to intervene in a fight between fans and eventually had to ask one of them to leave the venue.

@itsalexxalexxalexx that girl is SOMEBODYS PROBLEM but not here 🫶🏼 @morganwallen #morganwallen #countrymusic #morganwallentiktok ♬ original sound – itsalexxalexxalexx

Wallen’s One Night at a Time Tour includes Hardy, Ernest and Bailey Zimmerman as openers. The tour will go last through the Summer and early Fall. Read more about Morgan Wallen here!