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Watch: Darius Rucker Tells the Story of the Time He Came Face to Face With a Ghost

Back in his college days, Darius Rucker found himself involved in a downright spooky encounter that he recently shared on the Kelly Clarkson Show, painting a vivid picture of the night that made him truly believe in ghosts.

It all happened when he moved in with his friend and Hootie & the Blowfish bandmate, Dean Felber, in college. Moving into their new place as fresh college students, some of the furniture in their new place had once belonged to Darius’s late grandmother. One night, Rucker abruptly woke up at 3 a.m. and was stunned to find his grandmother sitting right there at the edge of his bed. He couldn’t believe his eyes and even pinched himself, but she remained, as real as ever.

Shaken to the core, Rucker wasted no time. He dashed out of his room straight into Dean’s room, practically pleading to sleep in his bed. To his surprise, Dean’s response was a blunt, “No.” Left with no other choice, Rucker retreated to the living room couch, his mind undoubtedly spinning from the surreal and scary experience.

This chilling encounter left an undeniable impression on Rucker, transforming him into a firm believer in the supernatural.

Darius Rucker isn’t the sole country superstar to have experienced a eerie ghostly encounter, however. Numerous others have shared their encounters with the supernatural, such as HARDY, who recounted an incident where he accidentally brought a spirit into his home after retrieving an arrowhead from the Cumberland River in Tennessee.